Let's Dough This: Pains Au Chocolat

How many weeks in a row will I test one of Richard Burr's recipes? 

This week, I'm testing out Pains Au Chocolat from "Bake It Yourself" by Richard Burr, a contestant from Great British Bake-Off. 

This is my first time EVER attempting a pastry, so this was interesting. 

You'll have to read to the end to see how they turned out! 

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Let's Dough This: Peanut Butter Building Site Cookies

My second recipe in this series comes from yet another Great British Bake-Off contestant's book (90% of these probably will, since I have 10 cookbooks from the show or contestants...). 

I chose this recipe from Richard Burr's book, "Bake It Yourself." 

I've only found one cookie recipe that I've had any success at and I've always wanted to try more. Specifically, peanut butter cookies as my husband, Brad, LOVES peanut butter cookies. 

These cookies were quick and easy to make as the dough doesn't need chilled and you can mix it and bake it right away.

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Let's Dough This: Millionaire's Flapjack

Welcome to the first recipe of my Saturday baking practice! 

For this first week, I chose "Millionaire's Flapjacks" from Martha Collison's cookbook, "Twist." 

My goal for this series is to stretch my skills and also to provide y'all with new recipes to try with me! 

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Introducing "Let's Dough This: Saturday Baking Practice"

Well, hello! 

I know it's been a while. I know it's been 4 months since you've heard from me on this little pink blog page. 

But I'm back and better than ever! Or at least, back with a new series for all you home bakers! 

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Behind the Bakery: Anniversary Weekend in Pittsburgh

The end of September marked the 3rd wedding anniversary for me and Brad. In typical Hicks fashion, we packed up and drove to Pittsburgh for a long weekend! 

We have a couple must-eats, must-sees, must-dos for every trip and then we find some must-trys, too!

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