Why Cake Balls?

Why not?!? 

I've loved making cake balls for friends and family since 2009. They're a recipe I've changed and honed over the last 9 years, so it just made sense to start with them. I think they're the perfect addition to any dessert bar or snack table and they're so much easier to serve than cake. 

Do you Make Cakes?

No. At this time, I am not making and/or selling cakes. 

I know, a bakery that doesn't make cakes is surprising, but I couldn't pass up a cute name! 

I have everything I sell listed on the order page. 

Do you do weddings?

Yes! I love creating unique and delicious cake balls for couples on their special day. Be sure to check out my weddings page to view my services and to schedule a free consultation. 

I have a large event coming up, can i order cake balls for it?

Yes you can! I've supplied cake balls for local businesses' Christmas presents for staff and Easter "thank yous" for customers. If you're around Cincinnati or Dayton and you need cake balls or cake pops for a large event or corporate presents, check out my large orders page and contact me to book the date. 

Can I get an order for today or tomorrow?

No. Everything I make is made-to-order, so I need a minimum of 3 days to prepare and make your custom order. I don't keep extra cake balls/pops on hand for last-minute orders. 

Will  You Expand Your Menu in the future?

Absolutely! There are a couple things I'd love to add to the menu once I perfect the recipe. 

is the bakery your full-time job?

Nope! I work a full-time job Monday-Friday from 9-5, which is why I book up quickly! The bakery is quickly becoming another full-time job, though. 

This is also why email is the best way to get in touch with me as I cannot answer my phone during the day. 

Where are you located? 

I am located in Kettering, Ohio. I do not publish my address since this is a home bakery and having people turn up at my house looking for cake balls then and there might be a little scary (just kidding!). 

I will provide the address for pick-up once your order is confirmed. 

What areas of ohio do you serve?

My customers are typically from the Cincinnati and Dayton areas, but since customers pick up their orders, you can technically be from anywhere (as long as you're willing to drive the distance!). 

I have had a couple customers drive down from Columbus to pick up orders and friends take cake balls with them as they travel out of state. 

What is the "Let's Dough This" series on your instagram and Blog? Why don't you Sell those products?

"Let's Dough This" is a Saturday baking practice that allows me to learn new recipes, techniques, and skills that will lead to more additions to the menu. 

I wanted to share the recipes on my blog and Instagram so you guys can see that baking isn't scary and sometimes I mess things up, too.