Basic Cake Balls

Basic Cake Balls

from 20.00

The basic cake balls include:

  • 2 Cake Flavors

  • 2 Dip Colors

  • 2 Drizzle Colors or Sprinkles

The first full batch is $35 and each additional batch is $30. Please select the number of batches from the dropdown. If you’re looking for more than 6 batches, please visit the “Large Orders” page.

To add additional colors, add additional cake flavors, or make your order gluten-free, please go to the Add-Ons to select your add-ons. 

If you wish to order a specific amount of cake balls, please fill out the form here. Individual cake balls are $1.25 per cake ball, have no limit on cake flavors or colors, and require a minimum order of 12 cake balls.

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